Drawing of a skeleton with a black dress and witch hat against a red background.

Lur Noise is a comic creator and illustrator who loves sci-fi, plants, spookiness, big feelings and any kind of good story. They are located in Bilbao, Spain, and have worked at:✦ 2021, ILLUSTRATION, ZINE. Fábulas de augurios y sombras.✦ 2021, COMIC, PUBLISHED ANTHOLOGY. An illustration of a short story
and the art of a comic at De Nombre y Hueso.
✦ 2021, COMIC, ZINE. Sinapsis: pinceladas de una ciudad infinita.✦ 2021, ILLUSTRATION, CLIENT WORK. Baby massage cards for VACA rules!.✦ 2022, COMIC, ZINE. Editor and comic artist (Burbuja) for the sci-fi anthology Neodimio.✦ 2022, COMIC, ILLUSTRATION, ZINE. Co-editor and comic artist for the fan anthology Elden Zine.

A 32 page zine which tells the tale of a futuristic infinite city by presenting 1-2 page stories of the people, animals, plants, robots... who inhabit it. Header by Mikel Navarro.

An ongoing comic, published in Neodimio, about a group of AIs trying to save the world they were exiled to.

A short comic drawn for the Elden Zine fan anthology.

Some commissions, fanart, and original illustrations. First image is an illustration from the webcomic The Black Sheep, commissioned by the author.

Illustrations donde for the 44th number of Revista Cactus.

Set of visual icons for Revista Cactus' young readers' recommendation section on Instagram, Bocadillitos.

Baby massage cards for VACA rules!.

His name is Susuwatari and he's the smallest baby and I love him <3